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heavy-duty all-terrain
tire built for commercial
The VENOM POWER all-position, all-season tire is built to meet the demanding workload of commercial vans. The commercial-grade construction provides increased tread life and durability for delivery hauling, passenger transportation, and other commercial use. In addition, VENOM POWER's all-season tread design offers excellent handling on dry and wet roads.


Tire Size Load/Speed Index Play Pating Part Number Measuring Rim Width (In.) Approved Rim Width (In.) Overall Diameter (In.) Section Width (In.) Tread Depth (1/32")
235/65R16C 122/120R 12PR TVPVANC01 7J 6.5-7.5 28.03 9.44 12.0
195/75R16C 112/110R 10PR TVPVANCO2 51/2J 5.0-6.0 27.48 7.71 12.0